Unix OS Internals: What Happens when you Run a Command

Posted: May 16, 2014. Tags: Unix

I first ran across Unix in 1984, when our college bought a server that ran BSD 4.2, and I fell in love with it immediately, so much so that it defined much of my career, eventually leading me to a job as a Unix Kernel Mechanic maintaining a Unix distribution for a company that was then acquired by Sun Microsystems, where I got to ride out the first dot com boom. Good times.

I had tons of fun wandering around the kernel and libraries fixing and improving things. This is some of the knowledge I walked away with that gave me a great understanding of what is going on under the hood of every server I've used since. This knowledge is useful for developers of all stripes, so I decided to get it out of my head before it rots away completely:

The Slides.

Note that these slides are biased towards explaining concepts not details, therefore the content is simplified.